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Помогите подобрать подарок

Помогите подобрать подарок

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#1 Mr.SpDouby



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Отправлено 07 Февраль 2018 - 02:18

Всем привет , на у моей сестре день рождения и я не знаю как её можно обрадовать , хочу сделать какой нибудь незабываемый подарок. На вашем сайте ятиздревле , обычно просто смотрел без регистрации а теперь решил вот зарегистрироваться. Ежели пишу не в ту тему , просьба не удолять данный топик, срочно нужен вашем советов дорогие форумчане. Жду креативных и безбашенных советов :)
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#2 Chaturbate-Anate



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Отправлено 08 Март 2018 - 14:38

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While wearing my deep dark shiny purple lipstick I verbally insult you and laugh at you. I'm so annoyed by men like you with nothing to offer. You have absolutely nothing interesting about you even less with what's between your legs. I tell you how disgusting unsatisfying you are, baby dick. I will be gracious enough tell you the kind of dick that does turn me on, the kind that actually gets me wet. Something that you could never be for me no matter how hard you try...but I will tell you what you can do for me....what all men...like you can do....This video was shot with my Logitech HD Pro 1080p Webcam
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Well, if you’re gonna watch me, you might as well get that cock out and start jerking! I like to tease you with my body while you stroke, but if I’m gonna do things for you then, uh, you’re gonna have to do something for me. Do you trust me
Boot and Ass Worship JOICum worship me !! my panties, my boots, my ass, Yes you can have it all !! Lots of dirty talking as I tell you to jerk off while licking my panties and licking my asshole, Kiss my boots as you give me a big squirt of cum
Probably my most sensual video so far. What it lacks in time it makes up for in passion
spending time alone with my new toys my sweet DADDY got me for Christmas, I want to show him how happy I am, but I only have my hands and my new camera to show him! So I put on a show for NASTY Daddy, I want to show him how much I miss his manly cock! So I played with myself vigurously until...I almost break my camera when finally I spray out a gushing twirling stream!! Its so impressive I would love to show you
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